Author Q and A: Kevin D. Brady

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“Both a man who says he CAN do something, and a man who says he CAN’T do something are probably both right.” – Will Smith

Blaque: On today’s author spotlight, I am speaking with author Kevin D. Brady. Thank you so much for joining me.

Kevin: Thank you for having me.

Blaque: so, how long have you been writing?

Kevin: Well, writing has always been a childhood dream of mine, but I took a break from writing to focus on other ventures. I entered into a Halloween writing contest in 1998 in the Statesboro Herald, and it sparked my enthusiasm to start writing again.

Blaque: Nice. So you have been writing for a long time, I see.

Kevin: Yes, I have.

Blaque: So, what inspires you to write?

Kevin: What inspires me to write is the thrill of telling a story to people and entertaining them, or making them laugh.

Blaque: Where is your favorite place to write?

Kevin: My favorite place to write is at my dining room table, where I open my laptop on one end of the table so that I can turn toward the television whenever I want to.

Blaque: It seems you enjoy watching television while you write.

Kevin: yes, I do.

Blaque: If only we had the power to make a difference in the world. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Kevin: If I could change one thing in this world, it would be getting rid of all nuclear weapons for good!

Blaque: Wow! That is definitely something that I would have never thought about, but I see your point. The world would be able to breathe just a bit easier if we didn’t have the constant threat of nuclear weapons hovering over us.

Kevin: That is my point exactly.

Blaque: How many books have you published to date?

Kevin: As of right now, I have published ten books.

Blaque: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Kevin: My biggest pet peeve is when my computer starts shutting down without warning to do updates. It causes me to lose info I have typed, due to not saving it in a timely manner. It infuriates me and makes me want to throw my laptop across the room. It seems like the programmers could make the computer warn the user something like, “The computer will shut down in five minutes. Save your materials NOW!!!!”

Blaque: LOL. I definitely agree with that. Sometimes I’m so engrossed in what I’m doing, I don’t think to save my work every time I type out something. That is so annoying.
Everyone loves to eat. Well, at least I think everyone does. LOL. What is your favorite food?

Kevin: My favorite food is shrimp fried rice. I love it cooked the way the local Chinese restaurant, Chinese Kitchen, here in Statesboro, Georgia, cooks it.

Blaque: Who has been your biggest supporter in your writing career?

Kevin: I would have to say that my wife has been my biggest supporter in my writing. Since I debuted three years ago, she has supplied me with story ideas for three of my novels, she has given me helpful advice in marketing my books, and assisted me in the designs of my book covers. She has been in my corner to bounce ideas off, and to offer moral and financial support as well.

Blaque: What is your favorite holiday, and why?

Kevin: My favorite holiday would probably be Thanksgiving, due to all the big spreads of food traditionally cooked on that day. When it comes around every year, I am always good and ready for the turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie, and other sides.

Blaque: How do you deal with writer’s block?

Kevin: I deal with writer’s block by closing up my laptop and doing other things until I develop an idea that brings me back to my story, whether it’s a few hours, days, or even months.

Blaque: It’s always good to have people in your life who inspire you. Name three people who inspire you, and explain why.

Kevin: Three people who inspire me are Stephen King, and my late parents. I choose Stephen King, because he is such a prolific, legendary, and famous writer, who has written so many classic horror novels. Knowing that he rose from obscurity to become a nationally known literary genius, gives me the inspiration that I can do the same one day. My parents are the other two, because they did their utmost best raising me to be the man I am today. They raised me to work hard and to make an honest living within the confines of the law. They were my first test audience for my writing. They laughed themselves to tears at how funny “A Helluva Home” was when I first shared it with them, making me desire to keep adding to it.

Blaque: What is your all-time favorite movie?

Kevin: My all-time favorite movie would have to be “Django: Unchained.”

Blaque: Oh, I love that movie too! Out of all the books you have published, which is your favorite, and why?

Kevin: Out of all my published books, my favorite would have to be “Ghostly Encounters” since it was a collection of true stories, and it just poured from memory as I wrote it.

Blaque: Do you prefer writing your first drafts on paper, or on the computer? Why?

Kevin: Since I was fortunate enough to get a laptop, I have preferred to start my writings on it. I can copy, paste, and edit easier. I don’t have to type it all up once I’m done with it like I had to when I was writing in legal pads and notebook paper since it’s typed from the get go.

Blaque: Where do you get most of your story ideas?

Kevin: I have gotten three of my story ideas from my wife. She furnished me with the ideas for “The Sinless House,” “Won’t God Do It?,” and “Blood Thirst.” The other seven ideas came to me on my own. “Ghostly Encounters” was a true tell all story that required no mental stress to write. I simply pulled it all from memory. “Funny Things Mama Said and Did” was just a collage of true story tidbits I put together in dedication to my late mother, who was quite humorous during her lifetime. “Fat-Man: the Dream Hero,” “The Officer,” “A Helluva Home,” and “The Self-Defense App” all came from my imagination. “K. D. Brady’s Four-In-One Holiday Collection was a marketing idea I came up with to offer my first four novels in one collection for the 2016 holiday season.

Blaque: We all have this thing, or things that scare us half-to-death. One of mine is being lost in a forest that keeps going around and around in a circle. No matter which direction I go in, I still can’t seem to find a way out. The spooky noises of the forest would add an extra layer of fear to keep me trembling in my shoes. What is your worst fear?

Kevin: My worst fear right now, is hearing that a nuclear missile has been launched, or seeing a mushroom cloud in the sky somewhere where a nuclear plant has blown up.

Blaque: Well, I can see why you would want to rid the world of nuclear weapons. So your biggest fear doesn’t become a reality.

Kevin: Exactly!

Blaque: What show(s) did you enjoy watching as a child?

Kevin: The show I enjoyed the most as a child was “The Three Stooges.”

Blaque: Writing a book and publishing it is an exhilarating feeling in itself, but feedback from readers makes it all worth it. How does it make you feel when a reader tells you that they enjoyed reading your book?

Kevin: It makes me overjoyed to hear that someone loved reading one of my books. It gives me the fuel I need to write again and again.

Blaque: What is your favorite type of dessert?

Kevin: My favorite type of dessert is a chocolate cake with about three golden yellow cake layers.

Blaque: What is your goal as an author?

Kevin: My goal as an author is to write a New York Times Bestseller like J.K. Rowling of the “Harry Potter” series.

Blaque: What inspired your latest book?

Kevin: “The Self-Defense App” is all of this app business that is so rampant in today’s society. There’s an app for this and an app for that. An idea struck me a few months ago saying, what if a person could instantly have a muscled up warrior show up at the touch of a button on their cell phone to defend them out of a hairy situation? Hence, my book was born.

Blaque: Writing and self-publishing isn’t as easy as people may think. What’s been the hardest hurdle you’ve had to jump over while embarking on your writing journey?

Kevin: The hardest hurdle I’ve had to jump over in my writing career has been finding a publisher to get me out there. I had been trying to get published since 1999 when I finished “A Helluva Home” and sent it to Dorrance Publishing, but I was quoted a price of $7,700.00 to publish five hundred paperbacks. After thinking all companies would have offers similar to this, I put publishing on the back burner for sixteen years until the idea to publish my true tell-all story struck me in 2015. It was then that I decided to ask about publishing on Yahoo Answers, and I got a reply from a young lady, who told me about FREE self-publishing through a company called Smashwords. After checking them out, I got my first novella, “Ghostly Encounters” published in e-book form with them, and after Googling to find a free paperback self-publisher on the internet, I found Createspace.

Blaque: Do you have a favorite character that you’ve created?

Kevin: Yes, I do have a favorite character that I’ve created, and that character is Marcus Williams, who is “The Officer.” Marcus Williams is a man who transformed himself from a helpless victim into a lethal fighting machine, who is a force to be reckoned with.

Blaque: Before we wrap up your session, I have one last question for you.

Kevin: Ask away.

Blaque: What advice would you give someone who aspires to be an author?

Kevin: The advice I would give anyone wanting to become an author is to not go into it without a back-up income source. In other words, have a bread and butter career that pays the bills without fail and delve into the writing as a hobby on the side. That way it is less stressful if your writing is slow to yield profits.

Blaque: Great advice. Many new authors get frustrated when they publish a book, and they don’t see the money rolling in automatically. Like any other business, you are going to invest more than you get out of it in the beginning, but if you stick with it and work hard to keep improving yourself, you will see the revenue you seek.

Kevin: That is so true.

Blaque: Thank you so much for an awesome interview!

Kevin: No, thank you. It has been a privilege speaking with you, and I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to share my books with the world.

Blaque: No problem. Well, leave potential new readers with your contact information so that they can check out your books and stay up-to-date on your writing career.

Kevin: Of course. Readers can visit my website Kevin D. Brady to check out my books.
I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Both of my books can be found on Amazon and Createspace along with my other titles.

Ghostly Encounters book cover

The Sinless House

Blaque: Thanks again Kevin for stopping by. Until next time. Happy writing!

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Author Q and A: SLF Entertainment

Charming without chance book cover
bad politics book cover

“Never settle even when you’re settling. Elevate!” – SLF Entertainment

Blaque: I’m back with another author spotlight interview. Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with SLF Entertainment. Thank you for stopping by.

SLF: Thank you for having me.

Blaque: So, let’s dive in and explore your life and what led you to become an author.

SLF: Let’s do it!

Blaque: What inspires you to write?

SLF: I have come across so many barriers. Some are big, and some are small, but they have all made me a better person. I get inspired by the things I go through and the things people I know, seen, or heard go through, and it’s all a part of life’s challenges.

Blaque: I love writing in my home office. It’s my place of peace. Where is your favorite place to write?

SLF: My bed is where I enjoy writing. I do just about all my writing in bed with the pillows propped up behind me against the headboard.

Blaque: What is your favorite season of the year, and why?

SLF: It would have to be spring, because I was born in April.

Blaque: Where are you from?

SLF: I am from Dallas, Texas.

Blaque: What show(s) did you enjoy watching as a child?

SLF: Martin, Arthur, Goosebumps, and Star Trek are among some of the shows I watched as a child. “One Saturday Morning” had all the Cartoon Network shows that I loved to watch. I also enjoyed watching Moesha, The Parkers, Living Single, etc. I was watching some of everything.

Blaque: The Parkers was, and is still one of my favorite shows to watch. I have the entire show on DVD for my watching pleasure. LOL. What is your biggest pet peeve?

SLF: I have a hard time leaving things alone; especially when it doesn’t look “perfect.” I am a reformed perfectionist. I say this, because not pushing a chair under a table, wet counters near the sink, no punctuation in sentences, misspelled words, uneven lines, and procrastination bother me, but not so much to the point that I could scream. It just feels out of place. When it comes to my own work, I had to learn that nobody’s perfect. I just do the best that I can, find a stopping point and move on.

Blaque: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

SLF: We depend on fear way too much. Fear is like an annoying person that tries to denounce who you are, or what you have done. If we just stopped speaking out of fear, stop letting fear control us, and stop giving fear so much power, we could live our lives freely.

Blaque: Name three people who inspire you, and explain why.

SLF: My mother is one of the people who inspires me, because she is such an amazing, strong, and loving person. No matter what, she keeps her head up, and aims to do better each day. My family also inspires me because of their support and encouragement for me to succeed. Lastly, people that go after their dreams when facing adversity, because they know it’s possible to be and do whatever they want.

Blaque: We all have that food that we just have to have, what is your favorite food?

SLF: I love my greens: SPINACH, okra, sweet peas, salad, green beans, and sometimes kale. If it weren’t for Popeye, I don’t think I would love spinach as much as I do. LOL.

Blaque: I love all of the above greens except okra. Ewww! LOL. I can definitely do without that. What is your favorite holiday, and why?

SLF: I live for the end of every year: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Halloween, too, because I can watch scary movies back-to-back.

Blaque: How many books have you published to date? (Compilations and anthologies included.)

SLF: I have published three books: Charming Without Chance (2015), Charming Without Chance 2: Crimson Love (2016), and Bad Politics (2017).

Blaque: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SLF: In five years, I see myself enjoying my relationship with God, my family, my friends and all the good, positive things that I have experienced in life. I see myself getting to vacation whenever I want to. I also see myself working for myself with a great team of people, helping children and adults through my non-profit in my old neighborhood and spreading the love and message that God gave me to share.

Blaque: Sometimes the mind just draws a blank and ideas seem so far out of reach, how do you deal with writer’s block?

SLF: I don’t force the writing. I have to do something else like paint, read, or do a project. I leave the writing alone for a few days and then come back to it. Lately, I find what helps is to already have a plot going, and sometimes how I want the story to end.

Blaque: What can bring tears to your eyes?

SLF: A really sad movie can bring tears to my eyes. Whenever I can feel the tears coming, I look away and start shaking my head, and I say, “Awwww naw, they done got me for my tears.” LOL.

Blaque: If you had $1,000,000 to donate to a worthy cause, which would it be, and why?

SLF: Honestly, I would start my own non-profit in my old neighborhood. It would be two centers. One would be an afterschool facility for kids to be creative and educated. The second would be a place for adults to get their High school Diploma/GED, assist with finding employment and a home. It will also teach about the dollar bill and how to invest, save, and spend it.

Blaque: What kind of child were you growing up?

SLF: I was very quiet around others. A little shy, but mostly because I wasn’t quick to get comfortable around people outside of my family. At home, I was funny, playful, creative, and a big sister – most people thought I was an only child.

Blaque: Out of the books you have published, which is your favorite, and why?

SLF: My favorite would have to be my latest book, “Bad Politics” because I was able to learn from my first two books and apply that knowledge to it. And mostly, because I have wanted to write this story for years. A group of women working together to make their dreams a reality in the music industry – I felt it was a much needed story.

Blaque: Where do you get most of your story ideas?

SLF: Experiences I have gone through, or that others I do/don’t know have gone through inspire my stories. Little things like a quote, a song, or a random thought can give me a story idea.

Blaque: What is your favorite genre of music?

SLF: I love 90’s R&B all day, every day. I also enjoy smooth jazz.

Blaque: I am a huge 90’s R & B fan as well. What advice would you give someone who aspires to be an author?

SLF: Stop saying “but” – “I want to write a book, but…” You can write a book or write anything you want. You can also self-publish like I have. You just have to research and commit to trial and error. You won’t know what can happen until you try it.

Blaque: That is great advice. I try to tell people that all the time. It’s not as hard as they think it is. As long as writing is your passion, you will know when you should begin, or how you should begin. Do you have any other talents besides writing?

SLF: Yes. I am a creative artist. I write songs, poetry, and short stories. I have my own painting business – Fascinating Paintings. I host my own podcast show – Characters Here, and I love Do-It-Yourself projects.

Blaque: How does it make you feel when a reader tells you that they enjoyed reading your book?

SLF: I feel all bubbly inside. It’s like getting an award for sharing my passion. It’s like a stamp of approval. I love feedback.

Blaque: What is your goal as an author?

SLF: I want to write full-time. Like, writing will be my day job. I want to be on a panel with other authors, and I want to sell 100 books a day.

Blaque: What has been the hardest hurdle you’ve had to jump over while embarking on your writing journey?

SLF: Self-doubt and fear have been my hardest hurdles. I have second-guessed myself and talked myself out of opportunities instead of putting my trust in God and allowing him to take over. By myself I knew I couldn’t do much, but with God, I can do all things.

Blaque: What inspired your latest book?

SLF: Not seeing enough representation of women standing together, working together, and uplifting one another inspired my latest book.
Blaque: Thank you so much for sharing things about yourself that I’m sure your readers didn’t know.

SLF: No problem. I want my readers to get to know the person behind the words.

Blaque: So, do you have a website where readers can check out your work and more about you?

SLF: yes, readers can visit my website here.

Blaque: And are you active on social media?

SLF: Yes, if any readers are interested in keeping up with me and my latest releases, they can follow me on Instagram and on my Facebook fan page here.

Blaque: Well, this concludes another interesting and informative author spotlight interview. Until next time. Happy writing!

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