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Here you will find a listing of all Blaque Diamond’s adult titles and where you can purchase them. Pick your poison and enjoy!!!

What You Won’t Do: A Stand-alone Novella – Adult contemporary fiction

       What’s the golden rule when it comes to relationships? Never discuss your relationship with anyone. No exceptions! Whether things are going great, or not so great, keep things strictly between you and  your mate. Trevor Matthews finds that out the hard way when what he thinks is an innocent conversation with his  brother starts the downhill spiral of his marriage. What you say can come back  to bite you when there are snakes lurking in the grass. No one is above stepping in to do what you won’t do if   you  give them the chance.

       The twists and turns of this novella will have you second-guessing who you share your relationship woes with. You can’t trust everyone, and this story proves that point exactly. When it comes to love, or even lust, no one can be trusted. Zipped lips keeps things between two, not three, so if you know what’s best for your relationship, keep your business to yourself.

Available in Ebook format and paperback

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Book cover of a woman staring in a mirror and a man's image is staring back at her
          His or Her Betrayal? – Adult contemporary fiction novel

    How far would you go to keep a secret from the person you love? That’s the question that Michelle Anderson is facing. From the outside looking in, everything is right in her life. She has great friends, her mother’s unconditional love, and the man of her dreams, but things aren’t always as they seem. Michelle is harboring a deep, dark secret that may have deadly consequences when it is brought to light the night before her wedding. Relationships built on deception don’t always turn out the way we hope, and Michelle finds that out the hard way.

            Melvin Andres doesn’t approve of his daughter Michelle’s lifestyle. He believes that she needs to tell her husband to be the truth about who she truly is. The only problem is, Melvin has some dirty little secrets of his own. His past life comes back to haunt him in a shocking twist of fate. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves, and Melvin has a lot of explaining to do.

      An act of betrayal uncovers some skeletons that were supposed to remain buried. Will this father and daughter untangle themselves from the webs of deception that they have created before it’s too late? This tragic tale of love and deception will keep you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

Available in EBook format and paperback

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Book cover of a man and woman standing smiling with the both of them holding onto a heart
          Love, Lies and Heartbreak: Volume 1 – Adult contemporary fiction short story anthology

First, comes love, then lies, and then heartbreak. Well, at least that’s the case with the couples in these captivating short-stories  in  this collection of love gone wrong. It seems like some people say, “I love you” and don’t mean it and loyalty to their partner isn’t their strongest character trait. How would you feel if you were Davon and you found out a child you have raised for the last ten years wasn’t yours? How about if you were in Regina’s shoes, dealing with a husband who thinks you’re his personal punching bag?

              Lisa isn’t being satisfied at home the way she thinks she deserves, so she seeks  pleasure elsewhere, and guess who it is? Tamika thinks she has the perfect man, but she’s wrong when his other woman shows up to get what she believes is rightly hers. When you’re scorned, sometimes it causes you to do things you wouldn’t normally do, such as in Kimberley’s case, but you can snap when you’ve been pushed too far. Come along for the journey through the relationships of these five couples as they deal with love, lies, and heartbreak. Love isn’t perfect, and these couples prove just how imperfect love can truly be.

Available in EBook format and paperback

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book cover of hands making a heart with words surrounding it
        Words of My Heart – Adult poetry collection

        Blaque Diamond explores the world through words. She touches different aspects of life  including love, erotica, death, heartbreak, and inspiration. She even delves into her own personal testimonies for which she tells her stories straight from the heart. There is a little  of everything you can think of included in this collection of carefully hand-picked poetry. Let her words flow from her heart to yours.

Available in EBook only

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