Who’s Your Daddy?

“Is there a Mr. Davon Williams here?”


I jumped up from my seat and walked over to him. My wife came along behind me.


“I’m Mr. Williams.” I said with anxiety in my voice. “This is my wife and son’s mother.” I continued pointing at Valerie.


“Ok I’m glad you both are here. We have finally stabilized Devin’s blood pressure but he will need a blood transfusion because he lost a lot of blood due to his severe head injury. He is currently in a coma. When he will wake up will depend on when the swelling on his brain will recede. He also has a broken leg that we had to put a cast on. He has a broken right arm which we had to splint and he has some minor cuts and scrapes. Your son is a very lucky fellow. The way he was hit he shouldn’t have made it. He will have to go through some extensive therapy to help in his recovery and he will not be able to walk for a while but in due time he will be back good as new.” The doctor informed us.


I let out a breath of relief that the damage was not worse. My son was badly injured but he still had his life. I sent a silent prayer of thanks up to god thanking him for the small favors. I didn’t know what I would’ve done with myself if my son didn’t make it.


“Since we are his parents when can we be tested to donate the blood to him?” I asked.


“Well sir we can do the tests immediately. There is no reason why we should have to wait since you are both here. I will let one of the nurses know that you both need to be prepped and tested for blood drawing. It will not take long at all to get the results of the test back and we can perform the procedure. Give me a few minutes and someone will be out with you shortly.” He finished as he turned to go back behind the double doors.


Valarie and I both went back to take our seats until the nurse came to get us for the testing. I didn’t care what I had to do to see my son get better. If I had to donate an organ I would. That’s how much I loved my boy. He was worth my blood and whatever else he needed to get well.


“I’m so thankful he will be alright.” Valarie said.


“Me too.” I commented holding her close to me as I ran my fingers through her hair.


“He sure is pretty banged up though.” She continued. “He will be highly upset when he wakes up and finds out that he won’t be able to play basketball for a while.”


“Yeah I know. You know that boy lives and breathes basketball.” I said with a chuckle.


“That he does.” She responded.


10 minutes later a nurse came to get us to do the blood test. We were taken to the back and prepped for our blood to be drawn. The nurse started with me first when I sat in the chair as she tied the tourniquet on my right arm. She had me ball my hand into a fist as she searched for my vein. Once she found a good vein she cleansed the area with an alcohol pad and waited for it to air dry. I did not like needles so I looked away as she positioned the needle to enter my arm. I jumped a little at the slight pinch when I felt the needle break my skin. After the nurse collected the amount of blood needed to perform the test she pulled the needle from my arm and placed a band aid on the spot. It was now Valarie’s turn to get tested. Both of our tests were over in 5 minutes as we were sent back to the waiting room for our results. I grabbed Valarie’s hand as we pushed through the double doors. When we emerged it seemed like the waiting room had more people in it than it had when we left less than 10 minutes ago. I scanned for some empty seats and led Valarie to sit down. Just as we did so my cell phone began to ring. I answered it when I saw it was my mother.


“Hello mom.” I answered.


“Hey baby. What are you doing?” She asked.


“Mom Valarie and I are at the hospital with Devin.”


“Oh my goodness. What are y’all doing there? What happened to my grandbaby?” She asked worriedly.


“Mom he was hit by a car while he and some of his friends were crossing the street. The man that hit him was drunk.” I replied.


“Is he ok baby? Do your father and I need to come down there?”


“Yeah mom I would really appreciate it if y’all did. He’s pretty banged up. He’s in a coma right now and he will need a blood transfusion. Valarie and I just took our tests to make sure that we can donate blood to him. We are just waiting for our results.”


“Oh baby we will be right on our way. My poor grandbaby.” She murmured.


“Yeah mom I thought I was going to lose him. When we got in the ambulance they were having a hard time with his blood pressure. It kept dropping due to the amount of blood he lost because of the injury to his head. He is stabilized now but he is in a coma until the swelling on his brain goes down. He has a broken leg and arm.” I informed her.


“Oh wow! He is pretty banged up. Well I will tell your father what happened as soon as he gets back from the store and we will make our way there.”


“Thanks so much mom.” I said.


“No problem. You know how we feel about our grandbaby. We wouldn’t skip coming to the hospital to see him when he’s in need no matter how much we dislike hospitals. That is our grandbaby in there fighting for his life.” She responded.


“Ok mom. We’ll see you when y’all get here.” I said as I ended the call.


After hanging up the phone I turned to Valarie and asked if she wanted something from the vending machine. She said that she wanted a bag of chips so I stood to go get it. I walked to the other side of the room over to the machines and scanned the selections. I dug in my pocket for a few dollar bills and inserted one. I chose some Ruffle potato chips for Valarie and a bag of sour cream and onion chips for myself. I walked over to the soda machine and got us both orange sodas. After retrieving our snack I brought them back over to where I had left Valarie. She took her items out of my hand and I sat down and popped open my soda. I guzzled it down like I was a man dying of thirst. I opened the bag of chips and began to eat.


About 20 minutes later my parents arrive at the hospital. Valarie and I both stood to embrace them in hugs. They found seats next to us and we began to talk about Devin and his condition.


“So son you said the man that hit Devin was drunk?” My father asked.


“Yeah pops. That fool was drunk as a skunk. I could smell the liquor all over him.” I retorted angrily.


“What you saw him?” My mother asked.


“Something like that.” I said. “My anger just took over me and I attacked him when I saw him. A police officer had to pull me off of him.” I continued.


“Oh wow!” My mother gasped placing her hand over her mouth in shock.


“What Davon? You didn’t tell me that.” Valarie chimed in.


“Son that was not a good thing. You could’ve been arrested for attacking that man.” My father said scolding me.


“I know pops but my anger got the best of me. The officer did advise me of the consequences of my actions so I let it go and got into the ambulance with Devin.” I replied putting my head down.


I was ashamed of my actions but I still felt that they were justified. It was that drunks fault that my son was laid up in this hospital. My son would not be able to play basketball for a while if ever again all because of someone else’s negligence. He deserved every punch and kick I delivered to his worthless body. He was lucky that the officer stopped me when he did because he might not have lived to see another day. That’s how livid I was. When I was attacking him it was like I snapped and I was outside of my body watching what was happening. All I could see was my son’s lifeless body lying on that ground and it caused me to react the way I did. We continued talking until finally a nurse came out to get Valarie and me. We walked down the hall to a room and she closed the door behind us. I was confused by the look that she had on her face as she held out the results of our tests.


“What’s wrong?” I asked staring at her wide-eyed. “Is something more wrong with our son? He’s not dead is he? The doctor said that he was going to be alright.” I said as a sinking feeling started in the pit of my stomach.


“Oh no it’s not that! Mr. Williams Devin is going to be fine. I just have some news that I must share with you. I don’t know how to tell you this.” The nurse said looking down at her feet.


“What? What is it then?” I asked a little relief spreading throughout my body.


“Mr. Williams I must inform you that you are not the father of Devin Anthony Williams. Your test results were not a match for the transfusion.” She replied.


“What?” I asked thinking that I was not hearing her correctly. “Can you please repeat that? I thought I heard you say that my son was not my son. There must be some kind of mistake.” I stated.


I looked over at Valarie and she was white as a ghost. Her eyes were brimming with tears and she was shaking her head in the negative at the nurse’s announcement. Her mouth was open like she wanted to say something but nothing came out. Her hands were shaking as she grasped her chest in astonishment.


“Mr. Williams our test are correct. You are not the father of Devin Williams. I’m sorry but you were not a match. Would you like to see the results?” she asked holding out the papers to me.


I knocked them out of her hands in anger and shook my head no.


“Your tests are wrong.” I shouted. “Devin is my son. Redo the test. I want to see it done for myself.” I ordered.


“Mr. Williams we have done the tests 4 times already and the results were the same. There is no way you are Devin’s father. Your blood type is A and your wife’s is O. Devin’s blood type is B. So there is no way that you are his father. I’m so sorry to have to tell you this. We still need to find a donor for Devin.” She responded turning to look at Valarie.


“Mrs. Williams, do you know who Devin’s father is? We will need to have him tested.”


Valarie looked at me with terror written all over her face. She had closed her mouth but she still wasn’t saying a word. There were so many thoughts going through my mind. These test results have to be wrong. Devin is my son. Valarie wouldn’t do this to me. She just wouldn’t. I looked at her as tears began to stream down her face.


“This isn’t true is it? “I asked with a catch in my voice. “Devin is my son, right” I continued.


“Davon I am so sorry.” Valarie cried. “I didn’t mean for this to happen. I am so sorry.”


Anger immediately began to make my blood boil. She was confirming this madness. She was standing here telling me that my son was not my son. If she was telling me this, then that meant she had cheated on me. My wife, the love of my life, the center of my world cheated on me and had another man’s baby…

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