When a Woman’s Scorned

I pulled back up into the parking lot of the apartment complex that Dameon had the cab drop him off at. The tears were now gone and my heart no longer hurt. I got out of the car with my bag of goodies and walked to the door. I knocked and waited for someone to answer. It took a while for someone to come so I knocked again a little harder. When the door was finally opened it was opened by the man of the hour himself. When he saw me standing on the other side his face drained of color. He opened his mouth to speak but I spoke first.


“Surprise baby!” I hollered with fake enthusiasm.


“Wh-what are you doing here Kimberly?” Dameon stuttered.


“Well baby I’m here to celebrate the new addition to our family. Since you do have another child right?” I asked.


“Um Um I can explain.” Dameon said dumbly.


“Oh no baby you don’t have to explain anything. I have it all figured out. You not only continuously cheated on me but you produced a baby in the process that you failed to inform me about. Do I have it right?” I asked grinning.


“Well maybe you should come in so that we can talk.” He replied sighing as his shoulders drooped in defeat as he opened the door wider for me to enter.


“See I even brought some drinks to celebrate the occasion.” I said showing him the bag of alcohol I had with me.


Dameon closed the door behind me and I looked around at the place. It was so sad looking. The furniture looked like it came from a second hand shop. The carpet was dingy and stained and the walls were a faded yellow. I shook my head in amazement. This is the kind of females that Dameon cheated on me with? The best thing he could’ve done was upgrade not dig through the garbage. I heard the cries of the baby as the female came down the hall to see what was taking Dameon so long at the door I guess. When she appeared holding what I could now see was a little girl by the outfit she was wearing I took a good look at her as well. I could tell she was young by her face. She was a pretty girl but she looked like she was one of those ghetto girls by the way she twisted up her lips when she saw me. Evidently she knew about me because she hadn’t said a word to me but she had an attitude. There was no denying that baby was Dameon’s because she was the spitting image of my twins who looked exactly like Dameon.


“Kimberly this is Marquisa. Marquisa this is my wife Kimberly.” Dameon announced making the introductions.


“I already know who she is.” Marquisa said sucking her teeth and rolling her eyes.


“So you’re the little tramp my husband has been creeping with and procreating with as well?” I asked smirking.


Yeah I got your husband’s daughter. Her name is Destiny. I have been with him for the past year and he wants to be with me not you. That’s why he was about to dick me down like he always does.” Marquisa responded twisting her neck in true ghetto girl fashion as she stood there holding their daughter with a smirk planted on her face.


“I guess you think that is supposed to do something to me? It doesn’t. You can have him. I don’t have anything to say to you. My questions are for my husband. Why did you do this to me Dameon? What did I do for you to do this to our family?” I asked tears burning behind my eyes because I refuse to let them fall.


“I’m sorry baby. I don’t know. I don’t have a good answer for why I’m fucked up the way that I am. I just want to be with you and my kids. I want another chance to make things right with us. I want to be part of Destiny’s life since she is my child but I don’t want to be with Marquisa. I want to be with you and the twins.” He stated looking down at the floor as he talked.


“I gave you everything Dameon. I let you walk all over me. You mistreat our children by not being there but you’re here playing house with the next bitch when you can’t even be there for your family at home. When she called though you came running. I have been calling you all day because I needed medicine for the twins but you never answered my calls. What kind of shit is that?” I raged angrily.


“Don’t be calling me no bitch.” Marquisa argued.


“You are a bitch and a home wrecking bitch at that.” I spat angrily. “Nobody told you to sleep with my husband and then have a baby by him.” I continued.


“I’m sor–.” Dameon started before I cut him off.


“Just shut the fuck up with that I’m sorry shit. I’m tired of hearing it. It’s always I’m sorry. I don’t want to hear it. You’re not sorry. If I kept playing the role of the quiet forgiving wife you would never stop doing this shit to me and my kids. I will not continue to let you hurt them anymore. This ends today.” I screamed.


The angry tears finally burst from my eyes. I couldn’t hold them in any longer. I was hurting and nothing he or that bitch could say would make it any better. Him having a baby with this chick is what hurt the most. He had sex with her unprotected and had a baby with her. I am his wife. I was supposed to be the only woman baring his children. All the days and nights he left my house to come here and play house with his other family. When my kids and I needed him he was never around. He didn’t help to contribute anything to our relationship. All he did was take and take and kept taking until there was nothing more left to take. Like now he was taking my sanity away from me because I was losing it. My heart felt like it was literally breaking into pieces. This man has done nothing but hurt and betray me our entire relationship. I fell to my knees crying for the excruciating pain that I was feeling. I was so broken that my heart hurt so much. Dameon tried to come over and comfort me but I pushed him away. I composed myself and stood back to my feet rage coursing through my body.


“Both of you get on that fucking couch.” I demanded as I pulled my gun from my pocket and pointed it at them.


They both looked at me with shock and fear in their eyes as they did as I said and went to sit on the couch. When I left the apartment I went home and got my gun from where I kept it. I had no plans on really using it when I got it. I just wanted to scare them a little but now all I saw was red. I hated them for what they did to me and I was going to make them pay. They began to beg for their lives but I wasn’t hearing anything they had to say. I was out for blood and I was going to get it. It was like a switch had been clicked on in my brain. I was filled with so much rage that I had resorted to murdering my husband and his secret family and I felt no guilt about it. I opened the bottles of Vodka that I had brought and began pouring it around the couch where the 3 of them were sitting. I poured all 3 of the bottles until the carpet was saturated in alcohol while still pointing the gun at them. I had seen on TV where you could use vodka to set a fire and that was what I was about to do. I took a piece of paper and a lighter out of my bag as well. When the reality of what was happening set in, they really began to beg.


“Come on Kimberly you don’t have to do this.” Dameon begged. “I’m sorry. Look you can take the kids and you don’t have to worry about me seeing them. Please just don’t do this.”


“Please don’t kill me. Please. I have a daughter to live for.” Marquisa begged.


“Oh your little darling is going right along with the 2 of you. Well since you guys wanted to be together so bad I’m going to make sure that your little family doesn’t ever have to be split up.” I said laughing sinisterly. “Y’all can live together happily ever after in hell!” I screamed as I lit the paper and threw it on the soaked carpet.


I watched as flames immediately sprouted all over the place. I backed up quickly from the couch as the flames greedily spread over the saturated area. Dameon and Marquisa began to scream as the flames crept closer and closer towards them. I turned and opened the front door with my shirt as to not leave fingerprints and made my exit. I walked quickly to my car and threw my evidence into the back seat. I cranked up the car and pulled a little further down the parking lot so that I could watch the scene without being seen. I knew that since this was the hood that the police would take their time getting here so I wasn’t worried about any of them surviving. I could see the flames rising higher and higher through the windows of the apartment. I sat in my car for about 20 minutes before I could hear sirens approaching. Fire trucks and police cars screeched into the parking lot. Neighbors had started pouring out of the neighboring apartments to see what all the commotion was all about. When they saw that the apartment was on fire they started gathering around in little groups discussing the situation.


I sat there watching as the fire fighters attempted to put the fire out. The fire could now be clearly seen through the windows. I wanted to hear what everyone was talking about so I got out of my car and walked towards the crowd. None of these people knew me so I wasn’t worried about anyone recognizing me. I walked up to a crowd who were in the middle of their conversation and asked them what was going on. They informed me of the situation as they knew it and I stood around watching like an innocent by stander like everyone else. Finally the firefighters were able to contain the fire and they entered the apartment. They came out shaking their heads sadly so that let me know that none of them survived. I had gotten what I came for so I made my way back to my car. I got in and pulled out of the parking lot with a smile on my face. I turned up the radio which was playing Mary J Blige’s track No More Drama as I drove away. No more drama in my life.


© 2017, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.