What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?


I always get asked the question what motivates me to write? My answer is always my love of reading motivates me to write. It all starts with the love of reading. If you can love seeing the written word, then you can appreciate the written word. You can learn so much from just reading. As a little girl, I always loved to read. I made sure that I was involved with anything related to reading. I entered reading contests, I taught younger children how to read and I read for extra credit. Instead of watching TV or playing outside I could always be found reading a book. Reading was my very first love. Reading always made me feel like I was entering another world. Whether it was an action, fantasy, drama or any other genre of book I was always engrossed in my books going through the scenes with the characters.


I first started writing when I was 11 years old. My love of reading soon branched over to me wanting to write my own stories. I would make up stories in my head then I would write them down to see how they would look written down. Sometimes they were short and sometimes they were long. Sometimes they made sense and other times they didn’t but they were my own words. My teacher thought that I had a talent for writing so she encouraged me to continue. From then my writing branched from writing children stories to writing poetry and writing chapters for a book I never completed. I was still young to writing so I didn’t understand the whole concept of writing. I just knew that I loved doing it and it made me happy. Writing was always like therapy to me. I did it when I was feeling down or even when I was happy. My writing sometimes even reflected what kind of mood I was in when I created the story. It was a way for me to express how I was feeling through my writing.


When I lost my sight back in 2005 I thought my love for reading and writing was over. I thought that I would never get to experience the joy of reading or writing again. I thought since I could no longer see that I couldn’t read or write anymore. I felt that books were no longer my friend. I was depressed because I felt like I was trapped in a world of unfairness. Once I learned to adapt to my new situation I found that I still could do the things I loved just in a different way. Once I learned how to read and write braille I found that I could still enjoy reading the same books that I read when I could see. I just now could read the with my fingers. I thought that was so cool. So, my love of reading and writing didn’t die with my eyesight. Once technology advanced a little more I then found out that I could enjoy reading and writing through sound as well. I could listen to audio books or I could read a book on the computer. It seemed like society was coming up with all kinds of ways for me to still enjoy what I loved to do.


They didn’t know that they were helping someone like me continue to enjoy what everyone should have a way to do. So instead of writing my stories in braille I now type them up on the computer. Computers are now accessible for people who are blind thanks to text to speech software. In some ways, I feel like I have an upper hand on those who can see to write. Most people write their stories on paper then type them up on the computer but I type mine directly through the computer the first time I write. I could write them in braille but I prefer them accessible for me to edit right away which is not doable if it is in braille. Even though I thought that my love would no longer be accessible to me I am still able to do what I love to do most which is to read and write. Becoming disabled did not put a curve in my dream. It only helped to make me appreciate it even more. So, what motivates me to write is the knowledge that despite my limitations I can still do what I love. It may be in a different format then I was used to but at the end of the day I am reading to write.

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