Pursuing A Dream

What started as just a favorite pass time soon turned into a dream. It wasn’t my dream to begin with though. When I was in the 5th grade, my teacher assigned us to write a story using ourselves as the main character. We could write about anything we wanted it just had to be about us. I wrote a story entitled Lost Love. It was a story about a girl who lost her best friend which was her pet dog and how sad she was. The girl in the story got over her heartbreak when her father returned home a few weeks after she lost her dog and brought her a brand-new puppy. She fell in love all over again and she was happy. This was a fictional story that I dreamed up from my imagination.


We had to read our stories aloud in the front of the class and I was nervous about doing so. I was shy and didn’t want to stand up and read in front of everyone. I didn’t think that my story was that great anyway so I didn’t want to be embarrassed when my classmates laughed at my story. My teacher Mrs. Amelia Thornton insisted that I got up and read my story. I reluctantly did as I was told and read what I had written. Once I had finished the class began to clap and everyone told me how much they enjoyed my story. I blushed with embarrassment and quickly sat back down in my seat. I was happy everyone liked my story though. At the end of the day my teacher dismissed everyone and told me to stay with her for a minute. I immediately got nervous because I thought I had done something wrong but she just wanted to talk to me about my story.


She told me that she thought that it was great and that she thought that I had a natural talent. I told her I didn’t think so and I put my head down in shame. She lifted my head up for me to look in her eyes and she told me that I had a talent and that she wanted me to pursue it further. She expressed that she saw me going far with my writing and she didn’t want me to give up on it. She then told me that since I was going to be going to middle school the following year that I would have plenty of opportunities to develop my gift. She instructed me to make sure that I involved myself in any subjects dealing with writing of all types. It made me feel good to see that someone had so much faith in my abilities when I couldn’t see it in my own self. She saw something in me that I couldn’t see because of my lack of confidence in myself.


When I graduated, I did exactly as she had instructed me to do. I couldn’t sign up for any writing classes when I got to the 6th grade but I made sure that I did my best in my Language Arts and English classes. Once I went to the 7th grade I enrolled in writing related courses to develop my skill. I took grammar classes, creative writing and punctuation classes all throughout the rest of my middle school years up to my high school years. The more I involved myself in writing the more I saw what my teacher Mrs. Amelia Thornton saw in me so long ago. I entered in writing competitions any chance I got. Sometimes I won and other times I didn’t but I didn’t let it stop my drive. Her dream for me then became my own dream. I wanted to make her proud of me and I also wanted to make myself proud. I went from writing children’s stories to writing poetry, short stories and short essays. The more I learned about writing I started finding out what genres of writing I liked best. Poetry and fiction were always my first choices.


I liked expressing myself through words and different forms and rhythms of poetry. I had a vivid imagination so I love making up my own stories and watching as the story unfolded right in front of me. I plucked my thoughts right from my brain to the blank pages of notebooks. What started out as one teacher’s encouragement and push for me to be successful quickly became more than just a hobby. It became my passion. I enjoyed what I wrote but I wanted to see the reactions of my readers as they enjoyed what I wrote as well. I wanted them to dive into my world and explore my creations for themselves. I have written off and on for many years but now I am making my 5th grade teacher’s dream and now my own dream a reality. I am doing what it takes to see my work gracing the shelves of libraries all over the world. I just hate that Mrs. Amelia Thornton can’t be here to see me rise to the top. It was her who made this dream a dream for me. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve never saw what she saw in me. So, I give all my thanks and appreciation to my angel Mrs. Amelia A. Thornton. I know that she is looking down on me smiling with pride.

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