Office Romance

Come on in and close the door

I hope you’re ready for what I have in store

Everyone’s gone it’s just me and you

So let’s get down to business like grown folks do

You’re my secretary and I’m your boss

Our clothing which we are about to toss

So get comfortable there’s no need to be shy

There’s no secret that I want you and why

You do such good work I want to return the favor

By pleasing your body and your sweetness I want to savor

Clear the desk so we can have plenty of space

I want to feel your juices dripping down my face

No papers, notebooks or folders in the way

On top of my desk is where I want your body to lay

So lie down flat and open up wide

As I slowly slide my tongue inside

Yum you taste so deliciously sweet

I’m going to devour this delectable treat

Your moans fill the room as I put it down

My tongue swirling and going round and round

You’re grasping at the air but there’s nothing to hold onto

As I continue to give this tongue thrashing to you

Your eyes are rolling and legs are shaking

I just love those sexy love faces you’re making

Don’t need a paper towel I’m your love juice collector

That’s right baby squirt it out give me that sweet nectar

Now it’s time you felt me deep inside

It feels like I went to heaven and died

The way that your pussy is gripping my dick

Your wetness is making it slippery and slick

Spreading your legs as I grip your ankles

Oh you feel so tight and good from this angle

Leaning down so I can kiss your lips

As I thrust myself and you work your hips

You’re meeting me halfway stroke for stroke

The way that we are getting it on is definitely no joke

You’re moaning my name which makes me excited more

I’m just trying to give you what you came to work for

Sweat is trickling slowly down our bodies

What we are doing is oh so naughty

Let’s change positions to finish this ride

As I sit in the chair and watch you glide

Slowly up and down your body bounces

As your juices continue dripping by the ounces

Your breast bouncing up and down with every hop

Damn that feels so good I don’t want you to stop

Ride this dick like you’re on a real live pony

This sex session is just between me and you only

You’re getting ready to bust I feel you coming

Your body is shuttering and you are sexily humming

I’m gripping your hips so I can drive deeper

The way you are working me you are sure a keeper

Oh yeah baby it’s almost that time

You got yours now it’s time I got mine

Come on baby go a little faster for me

I want to release this pent up energy

I feel it coming I’m almost there

We are getting it on in my office chair

Just a little while longer and I’ll meet the end

To come down from our sexual session we’ll have to slowly descend

Oh there it is and off it goes

It’s feeling so good I’m curling my toes

At last I’m there I’ve reached my peek

I’ve found the great release for which I seeked

You’re my secretary and I’m your boss

Now it’s time to retrieve our clothing that we tossed

© 2017, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.