Naughty Girl



“Hey I’m outside.” The caller announced.


“Ok I’ll be right down.” I said as I ended the call.


Guilt started to slowly plague me but I quickly brushed it away. I know what I am doing to my husband is wrong but I can’t help the way I feel. I need something that he isn’t willing to give me and there is someone who is willing to give me what I desire. I love Trevor with all of my heart but he is a stubborn and selfish man. He doesn’t have a problem when I perform oral sex on him but he refuses to do it to me and I don’t think that it is right. If I told him that I didn’t want to have oral sex with him I bet he would have a fit but he sees nothing wrong with him denying me my request. He thinks that his reasoning is right and I should just live with it and I can’t. I’ve tried. The lord knows I’ve tried but I am just not being satisfied the way I want to by my husband. Don’t get me wrong our sex life is the bomb but the fact that he is against oral sex is why I am unhappy with our sex life. I want the whole package when it comes to sex. I feel if he can get the whole thing then I should be able to as well but Trevor doesn’t see it that way. I keep hoping that he will change his mind but every time I bring up the subject he shuts me down. There is no getting through to him and I am tired of trying so that is why I am doing what I am doing.


I called the receptionist and told her to hold all of my calls because I was going on an early lunch. I grabbed the jacket to my suit, my keys and my purse and I walked out of my office. I walked down the hall to the elevator and pressed the button to take me to the 1st floor. Once the elevator opened on my desired floor I quickly walked to the double doors and pushed them open. My heels clicked on the sidewalk as I made my way to my destination. I scanned the parking lot for the car I was looking for and I sped up my pace to reach it once I spotted it. I reached over and pulled open the passenger door as I slid into the car. The driver immediately pulled off as I fastened my seatbelt.


“So where we going?” The driver asked.


“Well I don’t have much time today so we can find somewhere in the cut.” I answered looking down at my phone at a text from my husband.


Husband: Hey babe hope your day is going well. Love you. See you later.


I replied back:


Me: Hey baby. My day is going great! Hope yours is as well. I love you too.


My stomach began to twist into knots as I thought of my betrayal. The guilt at what I was doing to him was really eating at me but it didn’t stop me from what I was doing. I have been sneaking around with my secret lover for the last 2 months. We would meet up at hotels, my house, his house or wherever we could get together. Every time Trevor thought I was working late I was really meeting my secret lover. I hated lying to my husband but I had needs that he wasn’t fulfilling. If he only gave me what I wanted then I would never have to sneak behind his back to get satisfied elsewhere. It wasn’t right to blame him for my actions but I felt it was justified. If he did what he was supposed to do as a husband then I wouldn’t have a reason to step outside of our marriage because I would be completely satisfied at home.


“That must be the hubbie.” My lover commented as he noticed me engrossed in my phone.


“Yes.” I said putting my head down in shame.


“If you feel bad about what you’re doing why do you keep doing it?” He asked.


“I don’t know.”


“You do know. He isn’t satisfying you. That’s why you call me.” He said chuckling.


“Please just shut up and drive.” I said getting irritated.


I didn’t need him reminding me of my indescression. The rest of the ride to our spot was quiet. We had only driven for a few minutes as I realized that he had stopped the car.


“We’re here.” He announced.


“What? Where are we?” I asked looking around confused.


“Well you said you didn’t have much time today so an alley is perfect for a quickie.


“What? I’m not about to do this in an alley!” I said horrified.


“Well what you want to do? The clock is ticking.


Even though I was appalled at the idea of getting busy in some alley like a common prostitute I really wanted to get my rocks off. I sighed in resignation as I unfastened my seatbelt and opened my car door. I stepped out of the car and looked around in disgust. There were beer bottles strewn all over the place. Trash littered the alley and a foul stench was permeating the air from a trashcan that was over flowing with god only knew what. I opened the back door of the car and hurriedly slammed the door as I slid in. My lover slid into the back seat with me and we began kissing passionately. He began removing my clothes and I did the same to him. Once we were both fully naked I laid down and my lover spread my legs wide. I grew excited with anticipation at the pleasure I knew I was about to receive. My body trembled at the first contact his tongue made with my love button. I squirmed and moaned aloud as he gave me a tongue thrashing. The way he was making me feel was like nothing I could describe in words. He knew exactly what he was doing and he was a pro at it. The guilt of what I was doing and where I was doing it quickly took a back seat as I enjoyed the oral pleasure I was receiving. His tongue twirled and danced to its own rhythm as he slurped and sucked me to an orgasm. My legs trembled at the explosion as my juices flowed into his mouth. He greedily swallowed every drop as he continued his dance. My body rived beneath his mouth as he gave me the pleasure I so rightly deserved. I wrapped my legs around his neck as he continued to feast on my love box. There was nothing better than a man who could please a woman with his mouth. He was driving me crazy with his oral techniques as I could feel another orgasm quickly approaching. My body began to tense and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as he sped up his movements. His tongue dipped and swirled, fast then slow and up and down. I let out a pleasurable scream as I exploded in his mouth again. I lay there trying to catch my breath as my heart pounded and my chest heaved up and down.


When my lover lifted his face from between my legs his face was covered in my juices. He bent down and kissed me and I savored my own essence. He pulled away as he rummaged through our clothing and found his pants. He retrieved a condom and rolled it onto his rock hard 9 inches. It was standing at attention and I got excited just thinking about the pleasure it was about to bring me. My lover spread my legs and placed them on his shoulders as he slid deep into my womanly cave. I hissed in pleasure as I felt him fill my being. We began rocking together as the car filled with the smell of sex and our moans filled the air. The way he was pounding into me felt so good.


“Oh yes fuck me.” I screamed.


“You like that huh?” He asked as he drove himself deeper into me.


“Yes daddy! Give it to me!” I responded as I felt another orgasm building.


“Oh fuck this pussy is tight.” He moaned as he continued pounding into me. “This shit so fucking wet.” He groaned.


“Oh yeah! Go deeper.” I begged.


The car was rocking from side to side with the movement of our sexing. We switched positions and now he was pounding into me from behind. He grabbed a handful of my hair as he pounded into me. I could feel his balls slapping my ass every time he drove himself deeper. This was such an exhilarating feeling. Our bodies were covered in sweat as we continued to get it on in the back of the car. He was giving it to me so good that I never wanted to stop. I threw my ass back harder every time he got deep. I could feel him in my stomach and I loved the feeling. Finally after a few more minutes he finally released himself into the condom. He pulled himself from inside me and we lay there together gasping for breath. I looked down at my watch and I jumped up in surprise. It was almost 1:15. I quickly searched through the car trying to find my clothes. I was already running 15 minutes late getting back to work and I didn’t want anyone asking me about my whereabouts. I got dressed quickly and my lover did the same. Once I was dressed I climbed out of the back seat and went back to the passenger seat. Once he was done getting dressed he got back into the driver’s seat and started the car. I hurriedly tried to fix my hair which had become unruly during our session and I reapplied my makeup. I looked almost like the way I left by the time we arrived back at the office. My face was flushed and I had the scent of sex on me. I looked through my purse until I found a small bottle of perfume and I gave myself a few squirts to freshen up. I would do a better job once I got back to my office. I grabbed my belongings and hopped out of the car. I adjusted my clothing and made my way to the front doors of the law firm.


“Until next time.” My lover called out as he tooted his horn and drove away.


I walked into the building and went to the elevator. I pushed 7 for my floor and waited for the car to arrive. Once it did I got on and rode it to my floor. When the doors opened I quickly walked out and made a hasty dash for my office but I was stopped before I could make it all the way by the receptionist.


“Mrs. Matthews. Mrs. Matthews wait a minute. Mr. Matthews has been trying to reach you. He wanted to know if you had received the flowers that he had delivered here for you but I told him that you took an early lunch.” The receptionist called out to me as she approached.


“Why didn’t he call my cell phone?” I asked.


“He did. He said he couldn’t reach you there either.” She said as she looked at me curiously.


“Oh ok. Well I will call him right now. I know I am a little late but lunch ran a little longer than I expected.” I lied looking down at the floor.


“Um ok Mrs. Matthews.” She replied hesitantly. “Are you ok?” She asked still staring at me curiously.


“Yes I’m fine.” I chuckled nervously. “If you need me I’ll be in my office. You can send all of my calls through now.” I continued as I walked into my office and shut the door.


There on my desk was a huge bouquet of colorful roses. My heart sank with guilt and disappointment. I walked to the flowers and sniffed their wonderful scent. My husband was such a good man and I don’t know why I keep doing this to him. Maybe I should stop and just do without the oral sex. I don’t want to ruin a perfectly good marriage just because my husband doesn’t want to have oral sex with me. There are way more important things in a marriage than just sex and we have a good marriage. I shook my head doubtably. Who was I kidding? No matter how I tried to convince myself though I knew I wouldn’t stop doing what I was doing. I loved it and I didn’t want to stop receiving the mind blowing pleasure that I got from oral sex. I went into the private bathroom that was located in my office and I washed myself up as best I could. I fixed my hair and straightened out my clothes and then I walked back into the office to call my husband…


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