Mr. Licalotapus

This man is a freaking beast

He’s in a zone when he feast

Her legs spread wide from east to west

With his cunnilingus skills he sure is blessed

He starts the slow dance

That puts her in a trance

He has her gripping the sheets

As he displays his oral techniques

The way he works that tongue

Will have any woman on sprung

Ooh the way he works those southern lips

His tongue swirls and dips

He’s feasting on that clit

While furiously fingering that slit

Exploring her inner folds

Like he’s searching for lost gold

Her soft whimpers and groans

Mix with his muffled moans

He spreads her legs wider

SO he can get that tongue deeper inside her

She grips his head

Pleasurable tears she sheds

As her body begins to spasm

From her very first orgasm

He laps up all her juices

Enjoying the sweet fluids

It coats his mouth and chin

But he’s not done he’s diving back in

Putting that magic tongue back to work

As her body continues to jerk

He sucks and licks

And that awesome tongue flicks

Sending shivers down her spine

On his face she grinds

Her body bucking and squirming

From the tongue lashing he’s serving

He’s hitting that spot

Twirling in and out of her honey pot

The smacking sounds he’s making

Got her legs trembling and shaking

French kissing her button

Oh, once again he’s done it, she’s coming

Pussy squirting

While he’s steadily slurping

Up her sweet nectar

The best head she had ever

He is a master at what he does

And he knows this because

He has perfected his gift

So she can’t resist

That Mr. Licalotapus

His tongue game A plus

But if she thinks that’s good

Wait until she meets Mr. Wood

© 2016, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.

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