Love, Lies and Betrayal

Love, Lies and Betrayal is the name of my collection of short stories. All of the stories will deal with love, lies and betrayal in many different ways in relationships. In this collection I make sure that I touch on real life situations that people face in their everyday lives. This collection will be filled with drama, drama and more drama!! Here I will give a brief outline of what each story will be about to give you some insight of what to expect so here goes!!!


  1. You’re Not the Father: This story is about a man who finds out through a tragic accident that the son that he has been raising for the last 10 years is not his and that the real father is someone who he thinks of as a brother or so he thought. Can you say drama?? That’s not the kicker though. When the best friend comes to donate the blood that the child needs it is found out that he isn’t the father either. Oh Wow!!! So who is the father?


  1. Snapped: This story deals with a wife who is fed up with her no-good husband and all of his philandering ways. He constantly cheats on her and neglects their children. You know what they say when a woman is scorned anything is possible and this woman has had enough. Her breaking point comes when she finds out that her husband has been abandoning her and their children to play house with his side chick who he has the audacity to also have a child with. Finding out that news drives her to snap and what she does can’t be undone.


  1. His or Her Betrayal: In this story a woman is keeping a deep dark secret from the man she is in love with. She has been advised to tell him the truth about what is going on with her but she selfishly doesn’t want to lose the relationship they have so she doesn’t confess her secret. Well needless to say the night before their wedding her secret is revealed and it does not end well for her in the end. Did she betray her fiancé or was she betrayed?


  1. What You Won’t Do: In this story a wife who loves her husband is unhappy with their sex life. She enjoys oral sex but her husband is against performing oral sex on women. The husband doesn’t mind receiving oral sex but he refuses to reciprocate. The wife seeks pleasure elsewhere and the person that is willing to fulfill her sexual desires is none other than her husband’s brother. Ooh this sounds like a Jerry Springer show in the making!


  1. No More Tears: in this story a battered wife has had enough of her husband using her as his punching bag. She knows that leaving him is out of the question because she has tried doing it numerous times but he always finds her and drags her back home. Not this time! She is taking matters into her own hands and til death death do we part is definitely on her agenda to get out of her unhappy marriage.


  1. Party Girl: In this story a college student who has her head on straight and has a lot going for herself gets invited to a party by her boyfriend. She is not the partying type of girl but she goes to the party to satisfy him. What she doesn’t know is that the party is a set up for her to be gang raped. The man she was supposed to love and who was supposed to love her causes her life to spiral out of control. She can’t deal with the pain of the hurt and betrayal so she decides that living is no longer something she wants to do and she commits suicide to rid herself of the pain of her suffering.


  1. The other Woman: In this story a husband’s mistress is hell bent on having him all to herself even if it means murder. She is tired of being the other woman and she wants what she believes she is entitled to. Him. What she didn’t count on was the wife fighting for her marriage and she ends up being the unlucky one in the end when the wife kills her in self-defense. Some people don’t know when to just let go.


  1. Playing both Sides: In this story a woman who is madly in love with her girlfriend begins to notice changes in their relationship. Her girlfriend is acting strange and she can’t figure out why she is pulling away from her. She believes that she is cheating on her but she has no proof just suspicion. She gets a shocking surprised when she comes home one day to find her girlfriend having sex with someone else. That someone else turns out to be a man. She is devastated to find this out but she gives her an ultimatum of who she wants to be with. Who will she choose? Hmm…


  1. I Won’t Be the Only: In this story a woman who is extremely promiscuous finds out on her 25th birthday that she is HIV positive. She is devastated by the news and sadness soon turns to anger when she finds out that someone purposely infected her. She’s out for revenge and she doesn’t care who she hurts in her wake. Nobody cared to be honest with her so why should she? In her mind she won’t be the only one suffering. She will take out everyone else she can to satisfy her thirst for revenge.


  1. Undercover Lover: In this story secrets are revealed about a husband who thinks that he can hide behind a wife and children. When his lover gets tired of being kept in the shadows he makes it his business to reveal himself and expose the secret life that the husband has been living. The most shocking part of the story will be when the wife finds out who the secret lover is. It will rip her world apart.


So does that sound juicy enough for you? I’m sure it does. These are stories that happen in everyday life. I must tell you though none of these stories have a happy ending because life just doesn’t work like that. Anyway, definitely not in these situations. All the drama that is revealed in these stories the trust is never going to be revived. Love, Lies and Betrayal is sure to quench the thirst of any drama junkie who enjoys juicy drama that they can sit around and gossip about. Stay tuned to read excerpts from these great stories!!

© 2016, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.