Junior Writer

My writing journey first began when I was just 11 years old. Back then my brother’s and I were huge fans of the author R. L. Stine. We read every thriller/horror book that he published in his Goosebumps series. We would collect all the paperback Goosebumps books that we could find and try to get all of them that went in order. We spent hours and hours reading all the scariest scenes in the books and talking about them after we were done with the book. Sometimes we would read the same books repeatedly because we had enjoyed them so much. As kids we would sit together on our bedroom floor and discuss the books in detail because they were that exciting. Once we became teenagers we graduated to R. L. Stine’s more mature audience thriller books such as Fear Street for which we also enjoyed.


Eventually we started to tell our own scary stories to each other. We would make up some of the scariest things that we could come up with. Sometimes the stories made sense and other times they didn’t but we were just kids with vivid imaginations and a thirst for blood, guts and thrills. The stories were always gory and full of made up monsters that would attack people and strange unexplainable things would happen to our characters. We had plenty of sleepless nights because we were afraid to sleep due to the monsters we had brought to life with our imaginations. The year I started the sixth grade we started writing down our stories. We thought that if we did so that maybe it would be easier for us to remember what was supposed to happen in the story next instead of making it up as we went along. So that is when my first attempt at writing took shape.


I remember the story I began to write was entitled The Telephone Killer. It was a story about a guy who would randomly pick a phone number out of the phone book and call to let the person who answered know that he was coming to kill them. He didn’t know the people who he called but he would get their address from the phone book. He would breathe heavily into the phone and tell them at what time he would come to kill them. Most of them didn’t believe him and they thought it was some kind of prank so they didn’t take him seriously until it was too late. I even designed a cover. It consisted of the title in red squiggly lettering to symbolize blood with drops dripping from the letters. There was also a telephone that was off the hook that was smeared with blood. I actually drew the cover myself. Not to toot my own horn but I would have to say that it was quite good since I did have an artistic gift as well. Lol. Back then my author name was BNJ and they were my initials. I didn’t want to go by my real name so I thought having an alias or a pseudonym would make me seem more mysterious.


I wrote about 6 chapters of the book but I never finished it. I have no idea why I didn’t. If I had finished it could’ve possibly been a very good horror story. I was very proud of my small accomplishment. I had always loved reading and writing so to try and write my own horror story was a great achievement to me. I wrote other small pieces after that but that was the one story that really stuck with me all of these years. It was the most I had ever written on my own at that age and I believe that is when my love for writing really began to blossom. I don’t write horror stories anymore but back then horror was my genre of choice. I don’t know but maybe one day I will finally finish The Telephone Killer and it will be on the Best Seller’s list. Only time will tell. At the young age of 11 a writer was born and I haven’t stopped yet. It is now time for me to accomplish this childhood dream of mine to become a published author.


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