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This is an excerpt from my novel Mommies Baby Girl



Tonya hung up the phone with a smile on her face as she headed to her closet to find something to wear. She had been talking to James for about 2 weeks since meeting him in the grocery store and he had kept his word about wanting to take her out. After battling with herself for a week Tonya had finally given in and called him. They hadn’t had the opportunity to see each other because of their work schedules but they had plenty of conversations over the phone. So now was the night that they would get to go out together and she was excited. Tonya was leaving the kids at home by themselves while she went out with James. She hadn’t told him that she had kids yet and she didn’t feel the need to tell him. Once she had opened up and got to know him she found that he wasn’t such a bad guy. He was still lame when it came to picking up women but all in all he was a decent guy.


Tonya searched in her closet for something casual to wear. She didn’t have much dressy clothes since she didn’t go anywhere besides work so she had a hard time finding something. After searching for another 10 minutes she finally settled on a pair of black slacks and a powder blue 3 quarter sleeved blouse. She put on her black 9 West low heeled boots and her outfit was complete. Nothing fancy. She combed her hair back into a little ball at the back of her neck and placed her jet black shoulder length wig that matched her real hair on her head. Since her hair was no longer the beautiful long tresses she used to have she had a collection of different color and style wigs that she wore on a daily basis unless she was in the house. She adjusted it until it was to her liking then she put on a little lipstick.

She glanced at herself in the mirror and thought she looked pretty ok despite the fact that she didn’t look anything like the person she used to be. She headed out of her bedroom closing and locking her door and made her way down the hall to the kid’s room. The door was partially cracked open so she just stuck her head in.


“Y’all asses better not open my fucking door for anybody while I’m gone. Y’all asses better stay in this room and y’all aint got no reason to come out til I get back. If I come back and find anything out of place I’ma be busting some asses. Do y’all hear me?” Tonya fussed unnecessarily because whenever she left she locked them up so there was no way for them to get into anything. The kids were each sitting on their assigned beds and nodded their heads in agreement.


“Y’all better go to that bathroom right now because there aint going to be another chance til I get back.” She stated as she turned from the room doorway and walked into the kitchen. She went into the refrigerator and got out the Hawaiian punch and poured herself a glass then placed it back inside. She drunk the juice and placed the cup into the kitchen sink. As she did this she could hear the 3 kids taking turns going in and out of the bathroom as she had told them to. When she saw the last one go back into their room she shut the door and locked it with a key she kept around her neck. She often locked the kids in their room when she needed to go somewhere since she didn’t have anybody to watch them for her. She felt that at 7, 5 and 3 they were alright being left alone if she locked them up so no one would know that they were alone.


Tonya walked to the front door and peeked out the side window to look for James. Just as she did she saw a car pull up and he hopped out leaving the driver’s side door open. Tonya opened the front door, closed it behind her and locked it. James met her half way and took her by the arm as he walked her to the other side of the car. All the while he had a huge grin plastered on his face.


“So you mister gentleman?” Tonya asked smartly as James opened her car door and led her inside.


“What? I do this all the time. There’s nothing to it.” He replied as he walked around the car and got in on the driver’s side and started the car.


He pulled out of the parking lot and proceeded to drive to their destination.

They sat quietly in the car with nothing but the soft R and B radio station playing for background noise. Tonya nervously played with her fingers as all kinds of thoughts ran through her mind. It had been such a long time since she had actually been out on a date with someone she didn’t really know what to say or do. She was used to meeting a guy just for sex so there was no need to go out and spend time with each other like they really cared to get to know each other, other than what they could do in the bedroom or car or wherever they decided to get it on.

James kept glancing at her as he drove steadily to the restaurant that he had chosen for their date. She was his kind of woman and he couldn’t help but admire her. He came from a family of big boned women so that’s the only way he liked his woman. A skinny woman couldn’t do anything for him. He needed someone with some meat on their bones and Tonya was it for him. He didn’t like her attitude but he thought in time maybe he could tame her down a bit. He smiled to himself as he continued to drive.

When they pulled up to the restaurant James quickly hopped out of the car to go around and open the door for Tonya.


“What is up with all this door opening and stuff?” She questioned as she stepped out of the car.


“What you mean? This is how I was raised. I guess you aint used to no man treating you like this huh?” James said as he closed the car door and they walked towards the Red Lobster restaurant.


“No.” Tonya said rolling her eyes. “Stuff like this don’t exist unless you old as hell. Aint no young man going to be doing no shit like this.” She said as they continued to walk. Suddenly she got a questioning look on her face. Of all the times they talked on the phone she never asked him how old he was. She turned to him and asked “How old are you anyway?”


“I’m 30 and you?” He said with a chuckle.


“I’m 20. You aint that much older than me but you acting like an old ass man with all this door opening shit.” She said shaking her head.


“I told you that’s the way I was brought up. I was taught that you treat women with respect and to act like a gentleman.”


“So you were a gentleman when you was eye balling my ass in that grocery store?” Tonya asked with a sly smirk on her face.


“Uh, well… I was just admiring the view. I can’t help that I liked what I saw. At the end of the day I am still just a man.” He said as they reached the front door of the restaurant and he opened it and held it to let Tonya go ahead of him.


She just shook her head and walked into the place and stood in line behind some other couples who were ahead of them. When it was their turn the hostess lead them to a table and sat down their menus.


“Your waitress will be with you in a few minutes. Thank you for dining with us tonight.” She said with a smile as she left the table to help the next customer.


They both sat down at the table and engaged in small talk as they waited for their waitress to arrive to take their drink orders. The waitress appeared 5 minutes later and took their drink orders and they went ahead and ordered their food since they already knew what they wanted. While their food was being prepared they took the opportunity to get to know each other more by asking questions. Tonya was finding that she was enjoying herself hanging out with James. She couldn’t help but constantly notice how handsome he was. He was exactly the type of man she went for. Tall, nice body and good looking. She just hoped that he had what it took to please her also. It would be a shame to be that fine and not be able to put it down in the bedroom. According to their previous conversations though James frequently let her know that she had nothing to worry about in that department. She didn’t let a man’s word persuade her though because she knew men liked to lie on their dicks so she would wait until he showed her what he could do. They ate their meal when it arrived and continued getting to know each other over conversation. Tonya was impressed with James’s resume. He had a steady job, no kids, had his own place and had good credit. Those things were rare to find all rolled up in one in men these days so her interest was peeked. After James paid for their meal they left the restaurant and headed back for the car. Tonya really didn’t feel like going back home right at that minute so she readily agreed when James asked if she wanted to come over to his place to watch a movie and have some drinks. They both got back into the car and James pointed the car in the direction of his place.




Tonya took another sip of the wine in her glass as she sat on the edge of James’ bed waiting for him to get out of the shower. They had watched the movie “Poetic Justice” and “Waiting to exhale” and enjoyed each other’s company. The TV was now turned off and there was some soft R and B playing on a radio that sat on top of James’ dresser. The wine had Tonya a little buzzed and she was ready to get down to action. “Would he hurry his ass up?” Tonya thought to herself as she finished the rest of the wine in her glass. This was her third and she was feeling really nice.


James stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as he made his way to sit on the bed.


“Are you going to take a shower too?” He asked looking at Tonya.


“Shit of course unless you into fucking sweaty pussy.” Tonya said with a laugh as she put her glass on the nearest nightstand and headed towards the bathroom. “I hope you didn’t use up all the hot water.” She declared as she closed the door behind her. 15 minutes later Tonya strolled out of the bathroom fully naked. She didn’t even dry all of the water off of her body before coming out. She left wet footprints in the carpet as she made her way to James’ bed. He had a lustful hungry look in his eyes as he admired her body as she walked towards him. She reached over and turned off the lights in the room. James was already in the bed under the covers so Tonya slid right on in beside him and they immediately began kissing and fondling each other.


“Ooh girl I can’t wait to give you this dick.” James said as he grabbed frantically at Tonya’s breast as he began sucking on one of her nipples. “I’ma beat that pussy up. You got my dick so fucking hard with your sexy thick ass.” James said as he continued sucking on her nipple.


James was making sure to give both nipples equal attention as he alternated between sucking the left then the right. Tonya let out a low groan as a tingling sensation pricked her spine. She loved to get her nipples sucked and licked on. It was one of her hot spots. Tonya felt herself getting wet the more James sucked on her nipples. She started letting her hands explore his body and she was impressed. He had a nice physique that she couldn’t help but admire. Her hands slowly traveled down the rest of his body as he then began to kiss her neck and shoulders. Her hand finally trailed down to his waste but he grabbed her hand to stop her before she could go any further.


“No not yet baby. Let me taste that pussy. I’ve been wanting to taste you since I saw you in that store. Let me give you some of this tongue action first.” James said as he moved to the edge of the bed.


He moved Tonya to the edge and spread her legs wide. James began kissing the insides of Tonya’s thighs and she let out a low moan. Tonya started squirming anticipating the feel of his tongue on her love button. She began pinching her own nipples and continued to moan. James slowly kissed and licked around and around Tonya’s thighs and pussy teasing her. When he thought she had enough of his teasing he dove in and started tongue kissing her clit. Tonya hissed in satisfaction the moment she felt James’ tongue touch her clit. She began rotating her hips to the rhythm of his tongue. The only sounds that could be heard in the room was the sounds of Tonya’s moaning and James’s slurping and smacking as he began to feast on Tonya’s pussy.


Tonya let out a grunt as she could feel her third orgasm building. It had been so long since she had an orgasm that wasn’t self-induced that she felt like she was going out of her mind.


“You like the way daddy eat that pussy?” James asked with a mouth full of pussy as he continued to please her orally.


“Oh yeah daddy eat this pussy. Give me that tongue.” Tonya shouted in ecstasy.


“Um um um baby this pussy is so sweet. I can eat it all night.” James mumbled as he continued going to town on Tonya’s clit. He twirled his tongue in and out of her slit then he reattached his lips to her clit and began sucking on it with pressure. He stuck his middle finger inside her and began to slowly finger fuck her as he continued sucking. He then added another finger inside her and started finger fucking her faster and harder.


“Oh shit that’s it. Faster. Faster.” Tonya begged.


“Like this baby?” James asked as he sped up the action of his finger fucking. Tonya’s pussy was making all kinds of smacking noises from her wetness as James continued his movements.


“Oh yeah. Oh fuck!” She screamed as her orgasm got closer. “Oh shit I’m about to come!” Tonya yelled out as she gripped the back of James’ head and her body began to tremble and shake as her juices squirted out onto James’ face. He eagerly slurped and sucked up everything trying not to miss a single drop. He got up from between Tonya’s legs and smacked his lips in satisfaction.


“I hope you ready for this dick baby.” He said. “Ooh baby that pussy is crazy wet. You almost drowned me in your juices.” James said licking his lips.


Tonya just lay on the bed with her legs splayed open as she tried to come down from her orgasmic high. Her legs were still trembling and they felt weak. James climbed onto the bed and lay beside Tonya as she slowly came back down to earth.


“Come suck on daddy’s dick. Make me feel good just like I just did you.” James said as he guided Tonya’s hand to his erect dick. Tonya quickly jerked her hand back when she felt his member touch her hand.


“What the fuck is that?” She screamed as she hopped up off of the bed. She went over to the light switch and flicked the room light on and stared in amazement.


“What baby? What’s wrong with you?” James asked with a confused look on his face.


“What the hell am I supposed to do with that shit you got between your legs?” Tonya asked as she began to laugh. “My damn 7 year old son got more dick than you got. You are a fucking joke.”


“What you mean?” James asked as he sat up on the edge of the bed. “I aint never had no complaints.” He said attitude slowly creeping into his tone.


“Nigga what the hell am I supposed to do with that 4 inches of skin you got between your legs. Where the rest of your dick at? You can’t be hard with that little shit you got there. There got to be more than that.” Tonya replied in disgust as she began pacing back and forth shaking her head.


“What you mean where the rest at? It’s all here. What you talking about? What son? You aint never told me you had no kids.”


“That’s beside the fucking point. You walking around with that tiny shit like you Mandingo or something when you aint got shit. Had me all worked up for nothing. I hate when you niggas be trying to lie on y’all fucking dicks.” Tonya said in frustration. “Telling me I aint had nothing to worry about. Nigga please with that bull shit. What happened? Did they cut too much off when you got circumcised or something? It should be against the damn law to be that tall and fine and have that teeny tiny shit swinging between your legs. Oops my bad your shit can’t even swing. My pussy dried up like a desert the moment you put my hand on that shit.” Tonya said with another laugh.


“Ok now I aint going to keep letting you talk about my dick. Aint nothing wrong with what I working with. Like I said I aint never had no complaints from none of the females I dealt with.” James said as he stood up from the bed.


“Yeah ok tell me any damn thing.”


“I done popped quite a few cherries with this so-called little dick I got.” James said with a grin on his face.


“Nigga them damn girls were still virgins when you got through with them. They just didn’t want to hurt your feelings but I’ma tell you like it is. You a damn shame to the male species. Now take me the hell home so I can get Mr. B.O.B to do what you can’t do for me.” Tonya said as she began putting her clothes back on.


“Who the fuck is Mr. Bob? You bout to jump on the next niggas dick when you just got through letting me eat your pussy?” James questioned frowning at Tonya.


“Nigga don’t worry about who bout to get up in this pussy. It sure aint you.” Tonya said bursting into a fit of laughter once again. “Damn shame. A waste of man.”


“Whatever. Fuck you.” James said as he began to put on his close too.


“That’s the problem. You can’t fuck me with that little Vienna sausage you got. I need real man meat up in here.” Tonya said chuckling as she made her way out of James’ bedroom and to the front door. James caught up to her and they both walked out the door. Tonya headed straight for the passenger side of the car and James headed to the driver’s side. Tonya shook her head and laughed aloud.


“I guess no more mister nice gentleman huh?” Tonya asked since she saw that James hadn’t bothered to open her car door like he had previously. James didn’t respond as he got into the driver’s seat and cranked up the car. He pulled off down the street and headed towards Tonya’s home. The interior of the car was quiet. There wasn’t even any music playing as James drove along in silence.


“His ass can be mad all he fucking wants.” Tonya thought to herself. “He shouldn’t be going around lying on his dick like that. He got some fucking nerve. This nigga is straight tripping with his little dick ass. I know somebody had to tell his ass about his no dick having ass. He just in denial. He suffering from LDS. Little dick syndrome.” Tonya let out a snicker at her own thoughts. James looked over at Tonya snickering and then he returned his attention back to the road.


“What you over there laughing about?” James asked.


“Don’t worry about it. Just get me home.” Tonya snapped.


When James finally pulled up to Tonya’s house she hopped out of the car and made her way to her door. James got out of the car also and walked behind her.


“What the hell you getting out for?” Tonya asked in irritation.


“I just wanted to make sure you got in.” James answered.


“I’m straight. Don’t worry about me. You need to go and find the rest of your dick. You can lose my number while you at it.” Tonya said as she walked up to her front door and stuck her key in the lock and let herself into the apartment.

James didn’t respond. He just got back into his car and drove off…

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