Inspirational Haiku’s

  1. God hears


Put your prayer out

Into the heaven’s above

God does hear your voice




2. Peace


The one thing we need

But it seems so hard to find

Peace in our world




3. Silent prayer


Speak into your mind

The prayer you have for god

No voice is needed




4. Believe


Believe that you are

Someone who is important

Who deserves true love




5. Tears


Tears aren’t always bad

Sometimes they express good things

Know what your tears mean




6. Inspire


Inspire someone

To be the best they can be

To fulfill their dreams




7. Don’t give up


Don’t give up your dreams

Just because things don’t go right

It will take some time




8. Love


From your heart comes love

Love is the purest thing

We all want true love

© 2016, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.