Evil is His Name


This is an excerpt from my short storyNo More Tears.


“Owww!” Regina screamed as Calvin’s foot connected with her ribs.


“I’ve told you about running your fucking mouth so much.” He yelled as he kicked Regina again.


“Please Calvin stop.” Regina begged as she tried unsuccessfully to stop Calvin from kicking her repeatedly.


“You think I’m fucking playing with you don’t you?” Calvin screamed as he continued kicking Regina. “What have I told your ass about messing up my food?” He asked angrily.


“I’m sorry Calvin.” Regina answered. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burn the rice. I’ll do it right next time.”


“You going to do it right now.” He yelled as he dragged her up from the floor by her t-shirt and dragged her into the kitchen.


Calvin was upset because Regina had accidently let the rice cook for a little too long because she was on the phone talking to one of her friends. He liked his food cooked a certain way and if it wasn’t done the way he liked he had a problem. This was just one of the many ass whippings over the years that Regina had received for one thing or another. After that initial incident at the restaurant Calvin did not keep his word. That was just the start of the downward spiral of their marriage. He beat Regina every opportunity he got. He was very jealous and any man that he saw talking to her he assumed they were trying to holla at her and that earned her an ass whipping even if it wasn’t true. If she didn’t come home at a particular time he would accuse her of sleeping with someone else and he would beat her for that too. He wanted to know where she was at all times of the day. He even popped up at her job just to make sure that she was really there. He monitored her phone calls whenever he could to make sure that she wasn’t disclosing to anyone what was going on in their household. Over the years he had gotten so controlling and abusive that Regina could barely leave the house to visit her parents. When they wanted to know why she didn’t come to visit like she used to, she would come up with excuses why she couldn’t come over. The real reason was she didn’t want them to see all the bruises that Calvin was constantly putting on her. He was beating her so much that it was almost on a daily basis.


Regina let out a shriek of pain as she grabbed at her stomach. She rolled around on the floor where she still lay moaning from the pain. She was 3 months pregnant and she had a feeling that she was having another miscarriage. This would be her second one thanks to Calvin. She had been pregnant 2 years ago but lost the baby when he threw her down a flight of stairs when she hadn’t answered the phone when he had called. Calvin looked down at her in disgust as he saw red fluid leaking from between her legs.


“Get your nasty ass up and clean yourself up.” He demanded.


“Help me Calvin.” Regina whispered. “I think I’m losing the baby.” Regina screamed as she felt another sharp pain shoot through her stomach and more fluid leaked from her.


“It’s all your fucking fault.” Calvin complained as he yanked Regina up from the floor and threw her over his shoulder. “You can’t do shit right. Can’t even carry my baby to term.” He continued.


He went to the kitchen counter, grabbed his car keys and walked out the door. He walked up the driveway to his car and unlocked the passenger side. He opened the door, tossed Regina in and slammed the door behind her. He walked over to the driver’s side and hopped in and started the car. The drive was silent except for the occasional moans from Regina as she continued to grip her stomach in pain.


“You better not tell them doctors shit.” Calvin threatened. “If they ask you anything tell them you fell down some stairs. Do you hear me?” He questioned staring a hole into her.


“Yes.” She replied in a small voice agreeing to the lie.


When they arrived at the hospital Calvin got out and ran into the emergency room to ask for help with Regina. Two nurses came out immediately and attended to her. They lifted her from the car and placed her on a gurney. They rushed her into the hospital and behind the double doors. Once Calvin parked the car he made his way into the waiting room and up to the front desk. He got the necessary paperwork that he would need to fill out and found a chair to sit in. Once he filled out all of the papers he took them back to the desk and waited to see if he could get any information about his wife. The lady at the desk held up a finger to him to wait as she dialed a number and waited for the call to be answered. She talked for a few minutes before she hung up. She filled out a visitors pass for him and gave him the directions to Regina’s room. He made his way to the elevator and pressed the button for the floor that Regina was on. Once the doors opened on her floor he searched until he found the correct room. When he walked in Regina was lying in a hospital bed while a nurse was taking her vitals. There were tear stains on her face so he knew she had been crying.


“Hey baby.” He greeted innocently as he entered the room.


“Hey.” Regina replied solemnly.


“How are you feeling baby?” Calvin asked as he walked over to her and gave her a hug and a peck on the lips.


“Well I will leave you two alone. I will be back Mrs. Richards to check on you.” The nurse said as she exited the room.


“I’m fine Calvin. I lost the baby but you already knew that.” Regina said looking away so that Calvin wouldn’t see the tears in her eyes.


“Well if you didn’t make me do these things to you then this wouldn’t keep happening now would it?” He asked as he roughly turned her face back towards him.


“Calvin it wouldn’t…” Regina stopped herself before she went any further.


“It wouldn’t what?” Calvin questioned with an angry glare.


“Nothing.” Regina replied looking down at her hands.


“That’s what I thought. If your ass was anything of a wife then I wouldn’t have to put my hands on you. Get your ass dressed and come on. I don’t have all day to be in here with you. I got shit to do.” He commanded.


“But Calvin I just had a miscarriage. I can’t leave yet.” Regina protested.


“When I come back in here you better be dressed and ready and I’m not going to say it again.” Calvin said as he walked out of the room.


Regina began pulling the I V drip from her arm as she ripped off the heart monitor equipment. As soon as she did a loud siren-like sound came from the device. The nurse ran in quickly in a panic to see what was going on. When she arrived she saw that Regina had disconnected herself from the devices she had been hooked up to. She ran over and turned the wailing siren off and turned towards Regina.


“Mrs. Richards you can’t go yet. You just had a miscarriage.”


“I know but I got to go.” Regina replied as she spotted her clothing on the chair that was next to her bed.


“Mrs. Richards I have to ask you a personal question. Did your husband do this to you?” The nurse asked.


“No. I told y’all I fell down the stairs.” Regina responded.


“Mrs. Richards the doctor and I do not believe your story. The bruises that we saw on your body do not consist of a falling down the stairs. Some of those bruises are old so they have healed.” The nurse responded.


“Well I don’t know what else to tell you. I fell down the stairs and that’s that. Y’all can think whatever y’all want but that’s what happened.” Regina said as she put on her clothes.


“Mrs. Richards if your husband is abusing you we can help. We can get you into a shelter and we can file charges against him. All you have to do is say that you want our help.” The nurse pleaded looking at Regina with sympathy.


“No. My husband doesn’t hurt me. He loves me.” Regina recited numbly.


“Mrs. Richards I can tell that you’re lying. I would advise you to get some help before it’s too late. Men like that don’t change. If he promises you that it will never happen again it is a lie. I would hate to see you on the 11 o clock news because your husband has killed you. Please let us help you.” She begged again.


“As my wife says she doesn’t need your help.” Calvin interrupted glaring at the nurse angrily.


“Well Mrs. Richards I will need you to go to the front desk and fill out the paperwork stating that you willingly signed yourself out of the hospital against medical advice.” The nurse said as she looked at Regina with pity and walked out of the room.


“Let’s go.” Calvin demanded as he gripped Regina’s arm tightly and dragged her over to the receptionist’s desk for her to fill out the papers.


Once that was complete they got on the elevator in silence and rode it down to the ground floor. They walked out and headed for the car. They both got in and Regina laid her head on the passenger side window as Calvin started the car and drove away from the hospital. He glanced over at her several times during the drive home but he didn’t say a word. Once they arrived home they went into the house and Regina went straight to their bedroom. She laid down on the bed and cried herself to sleep like she did just about every night…


© 2017, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.