Dr. Morehead

Mr. Licalotapus needs to visit the doctor

There’s no need for him to feel nervous or awkward

She aims to please

As she drops down to her knees

She’s a head specialist

A professional at this

Unbuckling his pants

Happy at another chance

To prove her skills

His desire to fulfill

As she grips his dick

And begins to lick

Circles and loops

His eyes begin to droop

Licking it like a tootsie roll pop

As his moans go on non-stop

Savoring the flavor of his pre-come

Umm a little salty, yum

She glides him down her throat

Careful not to choke

His eyes roll back

As she begins to jack

Him while her head is bobbing

His manhood is throbbing

He grips the back of her head

Trying to reposition her instead

But she’s not having that

So she lays his hands flat

Flat against the wall

As she sticks her tongue out to lick his balls

She’s drooling and slobbering

Got his knees wobbling

He’s moaning and cussing

She’s even got him stuttering

Pleasure tickles his spine

As she takes her time

Slurping and jerking

Twisting and turning

She’s driving him crazy

Sensations he’s enjoying greatly

The head master

Begins to bob and suck faster

His lips he’s biting

As his balls begin to tighten

He’s almost there

As he tightly grips her hair

Ooh her suction

Causes a great eruption

She’s humming

He’s coming

He’s hollering

She’s swallowing

She licks her lips and smile and said

Make an appointment again with me Dr. Morehead

Yes it’s true she puts it down

Because she is the best head doctor in town

© 2017, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.