A picture of a woman sittting on a horse


Make sure that you hold on tight

I’m about to give you the ride of your life

I’m all suited up and ready for battle

So I can tame that beast as soon as I get in the saddle

1, 2 and 3 up I go

I’m going to show you how I work the pole

Lying on your back with your dick standing at attention

I’m the rodeo queen did I forget to mention?

Sliding down to make sure the fit is tight

Got to make sure I ride this dick right

Hands firmly planted on your chest

While your tongue snakes out to lick my breast

Ride this horsey nice and slow

Don’t want to mess up the rhythm and flow

Your eyes are trained on me to watch me ride

Your hands ease up to be my guide

Hips twisting, swirling and turning

Your monster got my juices churning

Ooh you feel so damn good

To get off this ride I wish I would

Making circles like a figure eight

Ooh what you are giving me is more than great

The thrust of your hips causes you to rub my clit

Oh baby yeah right there that’s it

Make this pussy come all over that pole

Come on dig deeper into my pot of gold

Ooh that’s it I’m about to come

This wonderful sensation got me wanting to hum

Oh fuck there it is I’m coming baby!

This might be the best I’ve ever had, maybe

I’m really enjoying this pleasurable ride

But now it’s time to flip to the other side

Turn my back and grab your ankles

Yeah it’s reverse cowgirl I love this angle

Bouncing up and down like a pogo stick

Damn I sure love riding this good ass dick

You like the view I’m giving you from behind

Loving the way my pussy goes down on it and grind

You smack my ass and tell me to go faster

As you drill this pussy like a good drill master

Now let’s sit up I want to ride your lap

As I squat in front and make my ass clap

You grab my waist and hold on tight

Looking down to see the wonderful sight

I’m bouncing like I got frog in my system

My juices covering your dick shimmers and glistens

Hands planted on your knees to keep my balance

Don’t you just love my sexual talents?

Your body’s getting tense it’s almost time

That pleasurable release is beginning to climb

Just a few more hops and I’ll have you there

I won’t make you wait for it I swear

Ok baby now give me your best thrust

It is time for the both of us to finally bust

I’m creaming all over that dick again

My juices flowing like a calming rain

You moan aloud as your nut is released

You say that was great baby, you’re a beast

You look worn out, your eyes are low

I guess we will have to wait for the next rodeo show

© 2016, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.