Karma Is Best Served Hot!!!

When Ty walked into the apartment Tonya was at the stove cooking dinner. He didn’t even acknowledge her as he went straight into their bedroom and headed straight for the shower. He turned on the water and hopped in. He grabbed some of the Ax men’s body wash and soaped up his washcloth with it and proceeded to wash his body. He stood in the shower thinking about how he was feeling after the pills finally wore off. He still was a little high but not as much as he was when he first took them. He liked the feeling that they gave him and he would soon be indulging in another session with them.


While he was taking his shower he thought back on what made him get into drugs in the first place. It all started when he lost his job at the warehouse over a little weed. One of the other fork lift drivers had an accident that caused another worker to get hurt and when he was drug tested he failed so the employer wanted all of their employees to be tested. Ty tried to get out of taking the test because he knew that he would fail because he frequently smoked weed and he didn’t have a heads up to get it out of his system. He tried to get urine from another worker but they refuse to help him out so he ended up having to take the test anyway. He didn’t bother to come back to work to get his results because he knew he would fail and didn’t see the point in coming in just for them to tell him that he was fired. He went into a depression because he couldn’t find other employment and he refused to go work at some fast food restaurant like some high-schooler. That was beneath him and he wasn’t going to stoop to that level. He worked little odd jobs here and there but it was not something that was consistent.


He started smoking weed more frequently but the more he smoked it, it no longer gave him the same high he was looking for. He eventually started experimenting with other drugs from pills to cocaine. He started lacing his weed with cocaine but soon that didn’t get him high enough either so he started looking for something more. One of the chicks he was messing with started snorting cocaine with him and they started experimenting with harder drugs. She was now a full-fledged crack head but he didn’t think that he was that bad. He now smoked crack as well but he knew he could stop anytime he wanted to. At least that’s what he told himself. He finally broke from his musings and turned off the shower water. He had been in there so long that the water had turned ice cold. He dried himself off and put on his robe that hung on the back of the bathroom door. He walked out of the bathroom and headed into the kitchen.


“What you in here burning up?” Ty asked Tonya as he walked into the kitchen and stood beside Tonya.


“I aint burning up nothing.” Tonya said rolling her eyes and sucking her teeth.


“Are you getting smart with me?” Ty Questioned.


“No. I just said I wasn’t burning up nothing. Why you always got to want to start something with me? I’m simply trying to cook something to eat.” Tonya said with an attitude as she rolled her eyes at him again and continued cooking.


“You better watch your tone of voice lil girl.” Ty demanded.


Tonya could feel tears stinging the back of her eyes as she tried not to let them fall. She was so frustrated with her situation and she just wanted out but she knew leaving Tyrone was not an option. She knew he would kill her if she ever tried to leave him. She just wanted some peace in her life. No matter what she did he always tried to find something to pick a fight with her about. It’s like he purposely said stuff to her to make her react so he could put his hands on her. She also always hated the fact that he always referred to her as a little girl. He knew how old she was when he started messing with her. Granted she did lie about her age when he first met her at the club but she did eventually tell him the truth so she didn’t know why he kept feeling the need to remind her that she was younger than him. If he had a problem with it then he could just leave but she knew that he wouldn’t do that. He liked having control over her so he wasn’t going anywhere. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he was high so she didn’t want to set him off so she just kept her mouth shut.


“I done told you about your smart ass mouth.” He said as he grabbed the pan that she was frying fish in to see what she was making.


When he snatched the pan some of the grease splashed from out of the pan and landed on the eye. Tonya watched in horror as flames ignited on the stove and caught the entire pan on fire.


“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Tonya screamed as the flames started to spread on the stove top.


“What you just standing there for girl get some water to put this fire out.” Ty yelled.


“Ty we can’t use water. It’s going to make it worse. You started a grease fire.” Tonya said panicking.


“Well damn do whatever it is you have to do to get rid of this fire.” Ty demanded.


Tonya ran out of the kitchen trying to find a fire extinguisher. She thought she had seen one in the hallway closet. She ran to the closet and pulled open the door. She searched frantically until she found the extinguisher. She ran back to the kitchen and started spraying at the flames. It took her about 5 minutes to contain the fire. Meanwhile Ty was at the back door with the pan still in flames trying to throw the contents outside.


“What are you doing?” Tonya asked.


“What the hell do it look like? I’m trying to get rid of this stuff.” Ty grumbled irritated.


“Ty you can’t just throw…” Tonya didn’t get a chance to finish her statement as she watched with wide eyes of horror as Ty swung the pan in the air to get the contents out and the fire from the pan leaped onto his robe and caught it afire. Ty dropped the pan and began to yell.


“Oh shit. I’m on fire. Oh shit.” He screamed as he fell to the kitchen floor and began to roll around.


Tonya just stood there with her mouth hanging open in shock and surprise. Ty continued rolling around on the floor trying to extinguish the flames from his robe. Tonya finally snapped out of her shock induced trance and began spraying him with the fire extinguisher. Within 2 minutes she had the fire extinguished and Ty lay on the floor gasping for breath and hollering in pain. Tonya could see where the fire had burned through the robe and burned his skin. He wasn’t severely burned but she could still tell that he was in a lot of pain. She went to grab some wet towels to put on the burns. There were some towels located in the laundry room so she just grabbed a few and took them to the sink to run some cold water on them.

She took the now wet towels over to Ty and put them on his chest where he was burned the most. He let out a high-pitched scream and pushed her away from him.


“What the fuck are you doing?” He yelled.


“What?” Tonya said looking confused. “I was just trying to help.”


“What the fuck you got on them towels? You trying to kill me or something?” Ty screamed.


“I just put some water on them to try to soothe your burns.”


“Them shits smell just like Pine Sol. Aint no water on them things.” Ty complained.


Tonya looked down at the towels in her hand and that’s when she realized that they were indeed the towels that she had used earlier to clean with. She had been in such a panic that she hadn’t realized that she had grabbed the dirty towels that were soaked in Pine Sol. The smell hadn’t even registered to her at all as strong as the smell was. Tonya turned from Ty and got up to return the towels to the laundry room. She had a sly smirk on her face as she made her way. She did not intend to do that to him but she felt he deserved it all the same. She was guessing that the chemicals from the Pine Sol was irritating his freshly burned skin. It was nice to make him feel a little of the pain that he made her feel on a daily basis even if just for a little while. If he hadn’t come over there messing with me then none of this would have ever happened. She thought to herself. Maybe this will teach his ass about coming and starting shit with me…


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