Bianca Johnson AKA Blaque Diamond is a contemporary African-American fiction author and poet. She was born in charlotte, North Carolina in 1989. When she was eleven-months-old, her family traveled a little further south and settled in the tourist town of Charleston, South Carolina where Blaque Diamond grew up. She began writing at the tender age of eleven, due to encouragement from her fifth-grade teacher. She saw a talent in the youngster that she felt would take her far if she developed it. Blaque Diamond honored her teacher’s wishes by engrossing herself in writing. What was once a teacher’s dream for her student, soon became Blaque Diamond’s dream for herself. As an avid-reader, she already knew the wondrous world of books, but as an author, she had the pleasure of creating her own world for readers.


Blaque Diamond and her brothers enjoyed telling made-up stories to each other when they found themselves without anything fun to occupy their time. They would sit together in a circle as if they were at a camp fire and enthrall each other in their imaginations. Story-telling soon transformed into writing stories. Instead of making up stories on the spot, they began writing the stories in composition notebooks to keep their stories straight. When they would verbally tell them to each other, often times, they would forget their place and have to add something to keep the story going, so writing them down was a lot easier. In the early days, Blaque Diamond was a fan of horror and thrillers, so that is the genre in which she wrote. She was a huge fan of R. L. Stine, so her writing mimicked his work. She would think of some of the most gory and bloodiest scenes she could think of to include in her book. One such book she wrote was entitled “The Telephone Killer.” The book was about a man who would randomly search for names and phone numbers in the phonebook and call them up to tell them that he was coming to kill them. The people wouldn’t believe him of course, but they would find out too late that it wasn’t just a prank call. Blaque Diamond, who was also gifted artistically, created a cover for the book. It showed the title in red shimmery letters that resembled blood. There was also a telephone lying on its side with smears of blood left on it. Blaque Diamond wrote about seven chapters of the book, but she never finished it.


Soon, her writing drifted off into more creative forms. Blaque Diamond was, and still is a huge fan of Maya Angelou, so her writing interest veered to the world of poetry. To her, she could express her deepest emotions through the proses of poetry. Blaque Diamond’s childhood was not a pleasant one, so she wrote down her inner feelings in the form of poetry. When all else failed her, she knew that she could always depend on her love of words to express herself. As she grew older, Blaque Diamond explored many genres of writing, including children’s fiction. She enjoyed writing about make-believe characters and the journey’s through the world they took. She had a vivid imagination, so her stories were always interesting. As a child, she always entered into reading and writing contests to showcase her talent. Sometimes she won, and other times she didn’t, but she didn’t let that deter her from her dream of becoming a published author. As long as she was doing what she love, she was content with that.


After writing off and on for many years, Blaque Diamond finally stepped out on faith and submitted some of her writing to an anthology for poetry. For a while she had been posting snippets of her work on social media to gage the reaction of potential readers. Due to the rave feedback she received, she finally decided to take the necessary steps to get her work published. Contributing to her first anthology was the start of her publishing career. She knew that she loved what she did, but the fact that others loved it too, gave her the encouragement she needed to take her craft more serious. At first, writing was just a hobby, but now it’s a career choice. It brings joy to her heart when a reader asks her when she is going to release another book. The support from readers is what keeps her going.


Aside from reading and writing, Blaque Diamond enjoys traveling in or out of the USA. She has plenty of places on her bucket list that she would like to visit in her lifetime. She also enjoys shopping online or in-store. What girl doesn’t enjoy shopping? Listening to music is also one of Blaque Diamond’s favorite past times. Music helps her to relax when she has had a hectic day, or it helps to inspire some of her stories. Music can be very therapeutic in her opinion. When Blaque Diamond is not working her full-time job as a computer operator at a military shipping and receiving depot, she can be found at her computer tapping out her next publication, or mixing up her next batch of homemade body butter.


Blaque Diamond is an acronym of words that Bianca feels describes her as a person, so that is where her pen name Blaque Diamond comes from.




A Blaque Diamond


Beautifully created from this earth

Light-hearted and full of laughter

Ambitious and goal oriented, I am

Quizzical and willing to seek knowledge in all ways possible

Uniquely different and at times the same

Extraordinary creation from god’s paintbrush


Determined to overcome all obstacles in my way

Intelligence is a gift that is priceless

Another gem within a world of beautiful gemstones

Miles of mountains and hills climbed to seek inner peace

Observant of my every day development and ways to improve me

Not easily broken and defeated, instead I conquer

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I am my own diamond