Bad Romance

She thought he was her superman

Superman he was not

Not at all

All he was

Was a devil in disguise

Disguised were his true intentions

Intending on hurting her

Her life in his hands

Hands that belong to him

Him who takes advantage

Advantages in this relationship there is none

None of the whispered promises

Promises to be good to her

Her heart wanted to believe

Believe he would keep his words

Words of love

Love didn’t live there

There was nothing but pain

Pain to her heart and body

Body covered in bruises

Bruised is her heart

Heart smashed and broken

Broken is her spirit

Spirit of her dreams

Dreams long forgotten

Forgotten is her smile

Smiling doesn’t exist

Existence is a burden

Burdens weigh down her mind

Mind full of crazy thoughts

Thoughts that could land her in jail

Jail is no place for her

Her heart is trapped

Trapped in this dangerous situation

Situation she can’t seem to get out

Out is all she wants

Wanted someone to love

Love he pretended

Pretended he did

Did he really love her?

Her love was true

True was not his feelings

Feelings of power

Power over her life

Life has no meaning

Meaning she must escape

Escape from her hell

Hell she is living in

In an effort to save her life

Life she wants to live

Live in happiness

Happiness is all she’s ever wanted

Wanted to be truly loved

Loved the way she dreamed

Dream she plans to fulfill

Fulfill her hearts desire

Desire to be loved

Loved by the right one

One who will not hurt her

Her heart will heal

Heal from the pain

Pain will no longer take over

Over will be the torment

Torment of a bad romance

© 2017, Blaque Diamond. All rights reserved.