Thank you for stopping by my little sliver of the World Wide Web!

By a twist of fate, or maybe on purpose, your web browser landed you here on my virtual home!

Here on writerblaquediamond.com, my mission is to introduce you to my wonderful world of writing. I want you to come along with me as I journey through the wonderful world of books, books, and more books!

The coolest thing about this journey is, these books we are exploring are my own creations! My own ideas! My own words! You get to delve into the mind of Blaque Diamond. Aren’t you excited?

I’m introducing you to the ins and outs of how my creative mind works. And trust me, there is a lot to explore!

I write in many different genres such as poetry, Contemporary Fiction, African-American Fiction, Romance, Urban Fiction, Erotica, and Children’s Literature. I’m sure you will find something here to quench your thirst for reading.

I hope you find plenty here to keep you entertained. As an author, that is my goal, and I plan to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

Feel free to contact me on my contact page with recommendations, feedback, or even just general comments. They are greatly appreciated! Thanks again for coming along on my journey of authorship with me.

Books  I Wrote

Six books written by author Blaque Diamond are sitting on a light brown bookshelf. The book covers are faced forward.

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