This blog will consist of my original writings of poetry, chapter excerpts from books I am writing, motivational quotes, excerpts from short stories, my inspiring stories of writing and anything else related to me and what I am writing.

My poetry consist of many different genres and styles ranging from love, life, erotica, nature and so much more. A lot of my poetry is from my own life experiences but I also write what comes to my heart and mind. I am working on putting together a book of poetry so I will be posting different ones that are my favorites.

I am writing my first novel series so I will be posting chapter excerpts to give readers teasers about what my novels are all about. There will be some explicit language so if you are sensitive about that then feel free to skip the excerpts.

I am a highly motivated person so I like to share my philosophies on life and different situations. I like to inspire and motivate others to be the best that they can be at whatever they put their minds to so I will be sharing my motivational quotes and quotes that I feel will help to inspire and motivate others.

I hope you enjoy everything you read here and I look forward to hearing your feedback on my writings. who knows maybe one day you will have some of my work gracing the physical or virtual bookshelves of your home or school. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!